• New agreement creates 1,300 jobs for Samhall

    Axfood has signed a new framework agreement with Samhall regarding cleaning in its stores. "This is entirely consistent with our approach regarding diversity and social benefit with the aim of reducing exclusion from the Swedish labour market", says Anders Strålman, CEO of Axfood. » Read more

  • Goal reached for sustainable soy

    Axfood has attained its target regarding the use of sustainably produced soy. This means that 100 percent of the soy used in the production of Axfood's products is now either certified or compensated for by means of the purchase of certificates. » Read more

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Axfood in brief

Axfood conducts food retail and wholesale trade in Sweden. The Group’s retail operations are conducted through the wholly owned Willys and Hemköp chains, comprising 257 stores in all.


In addition, Axfood collaborates with a large number of proprietor-run stores that are tied to Axfood through agreements.

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