• Webcast in conjunction to Interim Report

    In connection with the interim report axfood has been holding a webcast and conference call for press and analysts. CEO Strålman presented and comment conditioned Report.

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  • Resolutions Axfood Närlivs concentrates operations for independent convenience stores

    Axfood has taken a strategic decision to start negotiations regarding centralisation of the inside sales offices for independent convenience stores to Sätra in Stockholm. This will involve phasing out the sales offices in Malmö, Trollhättan and Skellefteå 

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Axfood in brief

Axfood conducts food retail and wholesale trade in Sweden. The Group’s retail operations are conducted through the wholly owned Willys and Hemköp chains, comprising 252 stores in all.


In addition, Axfood collaborates with a large number of proprietor-run stores that are tied to Axfood through agreements.

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