Axfood Närlivs

Working on a foundation of knowledge, simplicity and long-term commitment, Axfood Närlivs contributes to development of the convenience retailing segment through business development in collaboration with major chain customers. This focus has made Axfood Närlivs a market leader in its segment.

Axfood Närlivs conducts wholesale business with market responsibility for grocery and convenience stores not owned by the Axfood Group. The Group-owned company Axfood Snabbgross focuses on restaurants, foodservices operators and cafés.
Axfood Närlivs’ organization is structured in three business areas:
- Axfood Närlivs Retail
- Axfood Närlivs Convenience Retail
- Axfood Snabbgross

Tempo, Handlar’n and Direkten stores are operated by independent grocers who work with Axfood Närlivs under the respective stores’ brands. 

Key ratios

2015 2014
Net sales 2,734 2,522
Operating profit 200 138
Operating margin (%) 7.3 5.5
Number of stores (Tempo/Handlar'n/Direkten) 704 686
Number of cash and carry outlets (Snabbgross) 21 20
Average number of employees during the year 451 858

Amounts are stated in SEK million unless indicated otherwise.

Business concept

We make it easy for our customers to do good business.


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