Diversity Charter initiator

12/8/2010 12:41 PM

Axfood is one of the initiators of Diversity Charter Sweden, a business network for sharing information and experiences relating to diversity. The network will promote successful and profitable diversity initiatives.

Diversity Charter Sweden was launched yesterday at an event in Stockholm. Axfood’s CEO, Anders Strålman, participated in a CEO debate together with all initiator companies. He emphasised, for example, that our range of products was global from an early stage, comprising goods that satisfy all our customers. The importance of thinking in new ways was also highlighted, thinking creatively in order to see new opportunities.

Diversity means difference. It’s about the advantages arising when different backgrounds are mixed, everything from equal treatment of men and women to age and origin. Axfood’s culture will be welcoming and inclusive to make best use of all experiences and competencies. Differences in our employees are a key to our success and profitability.

The Diversity Charter, started in France in 2004, has thousands of member companies in several other European countries. The name Diversity Charter means a diversity contract, and all member companies sign a contract in which they agree to work actively with diversity on the basis of set objectives.

Other initiator companies are A-Search, Lectia, L’Oréal, Managing Diversity, Novartis, Scandic, Sodexo, Skanska and Volvo Personbilar.

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