Social audits

Axfood’s Code of Conduct stipulates that suppliers that produce goods for Axfood stores must comply with the UN and ILO conventions on human rights and the rights of the child.

Regular visits produce improvements

Together with local inspectors, Axfood regularly visits the production facilities of selected suppliers. These visits are used to determine how well the company is complying with the laws of its own country on workers’ rights and working conditions, and with UN and ILO conventions. The key factors examined are child labour, workers’ rights, working environment and housing conditions. The visits are based on the internationally recognised standard for social audits, SA8000.

Deviations from laws and conventions are addressed in a dialogue between Axfood and the supplier and lead in most cases to improvements at the companies visited. In the event no improvements are made, Axfood terminates the cooperation. Axfood’s representative office in Shanghai plays a key role in improving risk assessments. The office participates in purchasing from China and Southeast Asia, builds up supplier contacts and monitors developments in markets in China and Southeast Asia.

Latest update: 4/19/2011 4:18 PM


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