Private labels

Having a high share of private label products is a key part of Axfood’s strategic goal of being the most profitable company in the Swedish retail food market. Axfood has the highest private label share in the Swedish retail food market. Axfood has a 25% share of private label sales, which is well in line with the goal of at least 25%.

Axfood’s private labels consist of the Garant, Garant Ekologiska varor (organic products), Aware (Fairtrade), Eldorado (discount food brand), Func (batteries, light bulbs, etc.) and Fixa (kitchen supplies).

Garant successful medium brand

Garant is a Group-wide private label sold in all of Axfood's chains. The product range comprises of more than 870 products. Garant is positioned to maintain the same standard of quality as the market-leading product at a lower price. One factor behind the success of Garant is the unique packaging design combined with high quality relative to price.

Garant meeting higher organic demand

Garant Ekologiska brand of organic products comprises of more than 140 products – all of which meet the criteria for KRAV or EU organic certification.


A new packaging design for the discount brand Eldorado was launched at the end of 2013, signifying the Group’s commitment to attractive discount products for customers who want to buy low-price products with quality ingredients. In 2014 the assortment will be expanded and modernized.

Fairtrade private label products

The private label Aware is a range of Fairtrade products sold at Hemköp and Willys. 

Ten products are sold under the Aware brand, including coffee, chocolate and tea.

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